Privacy Policy of Vi Digital

With the purpose to provide services of advertising management on the Internet, Vi Digital collects user information with the preservation of its anonymity. Vi Digital does not compare the received data with any personal information of the users, nor share them with any third parties.

These data help us to display more relevant advertising — depending on the interest of users.

We take privacy seriously and follow the principles that conform to the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation and norms of morality.

In order to identify the uniqueness of the user and provide him/her with the customized interest-based advertising we use cookies in your browser.

Cookie is small textual information that a server transfers to the browser. When a user addresses the server (types its web address in the browser address line) the server is able to read the information in the cookies and perform some actions based on its analysis.

Cookie is not a program and it cannot do anything on your computer. Cookie does not contain any information about the name, address, telephone number or any other personal information, with the help of which the user may be identified. For example a cookie may contain data about:

  • geographical binding of the user’s IP-address
  • operating system and browser
  • number of impressions/clicks on the advertisement
  • number of visits to the Internet-site

The information collected with the help of cookies and other technical methods is impersonal, it enables providing the user with the customized advertising based on his/her preferences and interests only.

When choosing customized advertising we do not bind the information in cookies or anonymous identifiers to the personal information, such as racial origin, religion, sexual orientation or state of health.

The user may refuse viewing interest-based advertising using the following link:

Opt out of interest-based advertising

Please be noted: your refusal to view interest-based advertising will not mean that the advertising will be stopped at all. It means you will not see the advertising matching your previous actions.

Information disclosure:

We do not disclose personally identifiable information or personal user’s data to any companies, organizations or private individuals not connected with Vi Digital, save the following cases:

  1. We may provide generalized and impersonal information to all users and to our partners, such as publishers, advertisers or related sites.
  2. No information is transferred to any third parties unless the user or client himself/herself expressed his/her readiness to do it having agreed with the corresponding rules.
  3. Information release is required by the legislation of Russia or state authorities of the RF pursuant to the procedures provided for by law.

Vi Digital may update this Privacy Policy. You may always revise the latest version of this document on the site.

You may ask any questions related to our Privacy policy by e-mail:


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